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A Healthy Holiday Colored Red, White and Blue

by Whitney Wright, MS, RD, LMNT, CNSC on June 30, 2015

We are in full swing summer fun and it’s time to start planning for the Fourth of July holiday. This year, color it red, white and blue all over… including your meal!

These holiday food ideas will help you incorporate festive colors into your cooking in a natural and healthy way!  (Shhhh, no one has to know!)

Entrée:  Grilled Short Ribs

Grilled short ribs are a great change of pace for your summer BBQ. Season beef short ribs with sea salt, pepper, and garlic and place on the grill. Turn frequently until ribs are charred on all sides, approximately 8-10minutes. The internal temperature at the thickest portion of the meat should be at least 145 degrees. Place ribs on a plate covered with tin foil for about 5 minutes to rest. Serve with your favorite red BBQ sauce and some grilled corn on the cob.

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Stranger Danger

by Dr. Elizabeth Walenz on June 23, 2015

I had an opportunity last week to watch the Today show for a few moments. During that time, I saw a feature story on strangers and child abduction.

The show sat down two parents and asked them, “Would your child know what to do if approached by a stranger.” The parents said by far, their older elementary school child was very aware never to go anywhere with strangers.

The parents then watched a video of their child placed in a situation with an unknown man who had a trailer full of video games and would the child like to try them out. The parents were aghast as their child went into the dimly lit trailer with the strange man and then the door closed. This episode was staged by the production crew, the child was safe, but he hadn’t made the best decision.

How can we keep our kids safe?

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Eight Steps to Summer Vacation Nutrition

Thumbnail image for Eight Steps to Summer Vacation Nutrition June 16, 2015

It’s finally summer! Children are out of school and families are off venturing the globe. Don’t forget to pack the sunscreen, hats, goggles, bathing suits, that favorite Lego t-shirt… oh, and  good nutrition. Whether it is a vacation or a “staycation,” it is doable to eat well on you summer holiday. Here are eight tips […]

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When Ticks Bite: Nebraska Bugs

Thumbnail image for When Ticks Bite: Nebraska Bugs June 9, 2015

 Dog Tick  Lone Star Tick This year, ticks in Nebraska are supposed to be more prevalent than in years past. The two most common here are the Wood tick (also known as the American dog tick) and the Lone star tick. It is important to protect ourselves and our children from tick bites. They can […]

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Purple – When Crying is a Color

May 26, 2015

Congratulations! You are expecting a newborn! There is quite a bit you need to do to get prepared for a new baby in your home: You have quite a few doctor visits to attend. You need to get the gear – a crib for your child to sleep in, endless diapers, wipes, bottles and breast […]

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Blending in Better Health

Thumbnail image for Blending in Better Health May 19, 2015

With school out for the summer in just a few short weeks, smoothies will be a perfect, healthy snack on hot summer days. They are even fun to freeze to make popsicles. Bananas, strawberries and spinach are all good smoothie ingredients, but as a Methodist dietician, I’m always looking for ways to increase the nutritional […]

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Feeding the Finicky

Thumbnail image for Feeding the Finicky May 12, 2015

Let’s face it… some kids can be really picky eaters. “It looks funny.” “It’s slimy.” “I don’t like it, it’s green.” Those greens are vital to growing bodies. In fact, kids need a minimum of five servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Fruits and veggies have been shown to prevent certain forms of cancer […]

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Lessons from “Full House”

Thumbnail image for Lessons from “Full House” April 28, 2015

The TV show “Full House” has made a resurgence at our house in the evenings. My kids are very interested in the lives of DJ, Stephanie and Michelle Tanner. This week, there was a poignant episode on child abuse. April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. In the episode, Stephanie, the middle child, is working […]

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11 Tips for Toddler Snack Time Success

Thumbnail image for 11 Tips for Toddler Snack Time Success April 21, 2015

Feeding a toddler can be quite an education. Between the ages of 2 and 5 you are never quite sure what will happen. Every day is an adventure! There are keys to preparing healthy, nutritious meals and snacks toddlers will love to eat. Here are my top 11 tips for snack time success: 1. Offer […]

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How Loud is Too Loud?

Thumbnail image for How Loud is Too Loud? April 14, 2015

Whether it’s Beats headphones or ear buds, most teens are connected to their iPhones, iPads or MP3 players many afternoons and evenings. Have you ever been concerned about the volume? Seventy-five percent of kids ages 8 and under have access to a smart mobile device at home. That’s up from 52 percent in 2011. They […]

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